I was going through old photos on the computer. You know, of the kid as a baby, some of my old iphone screen shots and places I used to frequent. Then I came upon this:

What’s a phone camera rig? Glad you asked. Back before the iPhone, in a time when phones were dumb and people thought the Moto Razr was the second coming, it was awful hard to share your phone screen across the internet. I mean, we’re talking 2007 here.

That fact really sucked when you were trying to show off how a third party could build a widget for WHERE and make it instantly appear. Sure, you could point a web cam at a phone, but as soon as you hit a key, the shaking made the screen illegible for seconds.

Enter Legos. Matt Gross and I had a big demo and no good solution, so I ran out to the local Lego Store and picked up a set of I don’t know what. In a few minutes we had a rather stable rig that kept the phone still and allowed us to screen share with our iSight without a hitch.

WIN. Though we didn’t say that back then.

Good thing we don’t need to do that shit anymore.