Instead of another late afternoon of Lego Indian Jones on the Wii with my boy, yesterday I talked him into a project. He’s all about projects and I was all about spiffing up my home office. Win and win.

My first priority was to get a handle on the ton of wires snaking around my set up. There’s just a lot of shit that needs to be plugged in. Second, I wanted a little more shelf space. My office is in the corner of a guest bedroom on a built-in desk made out of a prefab door. I believe it’s original – three out of four of our bedrooms have them.

Unfortunately, this being a house built in the mid 60’s home computers were not in the picture, so hiding the wires is a challenge. Enter our little project. I had already removed the desk from out smallest bedroom but had no where to put it (Deck Houses aren’t known for their storage). I decided that if I ripped 6 inches off of the desk and re-attached it, I could form a ledge (see the photo) for books and my geek stuff.

I then jammed the power stips, the usb hub and the extra hard drives against the wall and put the ledge over them, hiding them from view. The new ledge part formed from the old desk now floats, letting wires out under it, but still being stable enough for the bookshelf/speaker stand/geek collection.

I then took an old Crate and Barrel “wooden” file cabinet that had seen one too many moves (the wheel supporting the pull out drawer snapped off some years ago) and turned it backwards. Now I have more storage, but I don’t have to look at the mess that is the front end of that cabinet.

So, there you have it. My new spiffier office. What do you think?