Hi, I’m Eric and I’m a user advocate.

Ok, I admit it. I want products to be useful. I crave products that are elegant. I enjoy products with a compelling story. I like them to be simple to use. I pay more for products that are beautiful.

And it’s a good thing too, because as a user advocate, that’s what I do.

I take a business plan, goals and target market and boil them down into a useful, elegant, simple to use and beautiful solution. I put the pretty face on all of that code and business model. Whether for the web, desktop, tablets or mobile, I’m your guy.

You see, I have a wide and varied background that spans over a decade. I wrote copy for Cellular One. (Remember them?) I illustrated maps for Microsoft. I created the first online ordering system for custom point of sale products in the beer business for Sam Adams. I designed mobile apps for phones before they were “smart.” I played the role of experience director for iPhone apps that’ve been downloaded millions of times. I’ve even invented a web application that makes a user manual user focused.

I’m the guy that bridges the gap between product and development, working across teams and disciplines to nail down product features and functionality, creating wireframes to support them, designing the look and feel and then working (and coding) with developers to implement. Collect user feedback, rinse, repeat.

I think through the flows, wires and designs. I find the problems before they are problems. I collect metrics to find the bottlenecks and then create the solutions. I’m a user whisperer.

Well, enough about me. What about you?