March has started out with a bang for projects I’m involved with.

First, Drync was rated the 4 out of 5 mice by MacWorld Magazine, making it their top rated Wine App!  My favorite quote:

With its slick interface and a reliable search engine, Drync Wine lets you keep track of the wines you’ve drank, the wines you own, and the wines you’d like to add to your cellar.

What’s most appealing about Drync Wine is the ease with which you can add to your cellar journal. The app gives you two options. First, you can search for a particular brand and then add your rating and notes with the tap of a button. It’s ridiculously easy.

Slick interface? Ridiculously easy? Awesome.

Second, today as I was heading to pick up my son from daycare, I turned on WGBH just in time to catch Jake Shapiro of PRX talk to Robert Siegel about the Public Radio Tuner on “All Thing Considered.” I love the way they position the story:

Newspapers and TV networks are being forced to re-imagine themselves or decline — and in some cases, as with Denver’s Rocky Mountain News last week, they fail completely. Likewise, public radio stations are contending with MP3 players and podcasts for listeners, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

Thanks to new technology, there’s a new way for those stations to compete. The Public Radio Tuner was developed by a consortium of public radio entities and has become one of the top free software applications on Apple’s iTunes store.

I’m truly proud and honored to be part of this effort.

Oh, and to top it off, Public Radio Tuner crossed a million – a million – downloads at the end of February. Sweet!